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About Les!

So!  We all need to have an "About" page.  It helps to put some story behind the person whose site you are looking at but we don't always like to write one!

But, I will do my best to share a little of who I am and why I do what I do.

Hi!  My name is Les Imgrund.  I have lived in a few places in Australia, but Western Australia is my home.  I am a Dad, Husband, Son, Mentor (to a terrific group of Apprentices over at The Arcanum - if you haven't looked at it but want to become a stronger artist, head on over to TheArcanum.com and take a look!  If you would like an invite, just chat with me and I will sort one out for you), Photographer and teller of stories!  I enjoy stories.  They help to keep us grounded in our world and help us to learn more each day about ourselves and the world around us.

I love being outside.  It is clich√©, but I enjoy being in nature and watching what is in front of me change the longer I stand still and stay quiet.  Eventually, the critters ignore me and get on to doing what they are needing to do.  I get to make some images of them and share some of them here.  There are many ways to share stories - I just happen to choose images and words.  My images can be found here while more of my words can be found over at It's the Birds!  Over there, you will see a site that will develop over time.  Many ideas will come forward - I am sure some will work and some won't work.  Regardless, they will share the stories I have inside me.  Hopefully, a few of the stories and images will help you step outside and take a look around your world.  Your world is so relevant to all of us.  We forget that.  It isn't always overseas or at the end of 6 hours in a car.  It might be a 5 minute walk from your front door.  I will share some of the stories and images from around my world.

I really enjoy photographing birds.  For many reasons but mainly because they are so free.  We can see them everywhere and they help to brighten our day with the colours of their feathers or the song from their throat.  Their presence makes the difference for so many people every day.  Plus, I enjoy watching them do their thing when they have forgotten about me being there.  They just get on with their moment.  I get to see it and record some of it in images and words.

If you want to reach out, have a question, would like to buy or license a print, just email!  It is easy!  Les@LesImgrund.Photography will get you there!  I am only too happy to help you out.  All you need to do is reach out.  We will work the rest out.

So, enjoy!  Reach out.  Or not.  But please make sure you step outside your front or back door and have a look at what is around you.  The Birds and Landscapes may not be exotic to many, but it is your home.  That is exotic enough!

Thank you!

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